The Continental Rally is an international competition for public and private schools, without registration fees, that seeks to involve children and adolescents in the process of local sustainable development as change agents in their communities aimed at transforming educational institutions into models of education, science and technology for Sustainability and Disaster Risk Management, in the Americas, since 2014.

Strategic guidelines

  1. Health and Well-being: The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of strengthening health and well-being within local communities. This strategic approach would address the promotion of healthy practices, both physical and mental, among children and youth, and help educate about preventative measures and care during crisis situations. It also includes the promotion of a balanced diet and the significance of physical activity in enhancing the immune system.

  2. Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Economic Development: In a post-pandemic world, economic recovery and sustainable development are crucial. This strategic approach is geared towards nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit in children and youth, promoting leadership skills, creativity, and innovation. We support teaching livelihood generation with social responsibility, responsible consumption, and creating opportunities for the local environment.

  3. Disaster Risk Management and Security: Effective preparation and response to natural disasters and crisis situations are fundamental. This strategic approach addresses education in disaster risk management, including hazard identification, emergency planning, and the promotion of school safety against anthropogenic threats. We aid in understanding how to act during disasters and how to contribute to community resilience, involving students, families, and the local environment in these efforts.

  4. Equity and Social Inclusion: The impact of the pandemic has exacerbated existing inequalities in the Americas. This strategic approach centers on ensuring equity and inclusion in the initiative, providing free access to all participating schools and students, regardless of their socioeconomic background or geographical location (rural or urban). It promotes the participation of both rural and urban communities, addressing the specific needs of each local environment, and fostering equal opportunities for all participants within a just environment.

  5. Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation: In the Americas context, climate change poses a significant challenge. This strategic approach focuses on educating students about the importance of environmental sustainability, promoting actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve natural resources, and adapt to the effects of climate change within the local environment. It encourages the use of renewable energy, proper waste management, and the protection of local ecosystems.

2024 Actions

Group 1 (Basic)

Sopitas Dancing

Gastronomic and cultural festival using technology for interactivity and resource coordination, with stations including workshops on healthy eating, circular economy circuit, used goods fair, and zero waste.

Taste it!

Food canning competition to prevent food waste and strengthen food efficiency. Interviews are incorporated to support research on livelihoods and healthy eating.


Group 2 (Intermediate)

Continental Marathon

5k race to promote Disaster Risk Reduction in the local community and enhance health. The marathon involves running with 5 stations, dancing with Ojopelao, playing Riskland, and more. The marathon incorporates interactive participation.


Biking Dreams

Cycling circuit with an exhibition of sustainable transport mechanisms linked to the school. Interviews are integrated where students express their different visions of the future regarding school transportation.


Group 3 (Advanced)

Ojopelao´s Kids & Teens Award Plus!

Entrepreneurship based on digital art, whether utilizing artificial intelligence or not. The community supports the participants’ initiatives, highlighting them.


Let´s change course!

Short film that helps raise awareness about the transformation of habits, encouraging the community to acquire skills that transform them and make them more resilient.


Integrative digital media

The school creates a display mechanism for the digital art of the participants, integrating it into the short film and other experiences of the Continental Rally in line with its school project. An opportunity to stand out at the continental level.


Country Challenge

This challenge is designed to address the specific challenges of each partner country in terms of sustainable development and disaster risk management. Schools must work together to design and implement innovative solutions to address the country’s key theme.


Launch date

The Rally will be launched on August 16, 2024.


End date

The end date of the Rally is November 22, 2024.